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Collection: Another Part Of Me Multi-Use Oil

This Multi-Use Oil is sure to impress! This non-greasy, lightweight formula we created is pack with lots of the riches oils. I specifically hand pick the best oils like Baobab and Emu oil because they penetrate the hair shaft and heal the scalp. This oil is helps with eczema on the scalp and forehead and also this oil help repair your follicles. It's lightweight and non-greasy so it can be used in your bath, as a massage oil and on your skin as lotion. 

This oil is something like a glaze for your roots and to lock in the moisture. 

How To Use: Rub in your hair after you moisturized your hair to lock all the goodies of the moisture. Your hair will thank you & your style will last longer.

This oil is pack with tons of healing and growth nutritions. The best oils is used to make this perfect blend. This oil soothes your scalp, heal your scalp, helps with eczema and repair your follicles so your hair can nourish fully.
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    Another Part Of Me Multi-Use Oil
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