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C U R L G U I D E & Curly Hair Products

Tight Textures - Curly Hair Products

OFTEN DESCRIBED AS:  kinky, type 4 hair, cloud-like, gravity-defying…

Distinguishing Features 

Tight textures and tight curls crave as much moisture as they can get; our delicate strands need care & protection to prevent breakage; they easily fluff into an afro with awe-inspiring volume; our hair loves to spend time in protective styles to remain moisturized, to support our delicate ends & to aid in length retention.


Curly Hair Products

OFTEN DESCRIBED AS:bouncy, ringlets, springy, type 3 hair, frizzy…

Distinguishing Features

Frizz is our friend; big, buoyant spirals; our texture tends to be thick & coarse hair, & our curls often vary in shape around the head; dryness can creep in to tousle up our ringlet curl, so moisture is key for maintaining curl definition and shine.


Coily - Curly Hair Products

OFTEN DESCRIBED AS: springy, spongy, tight, type 4 hair, type 3 hair…

Distinguishing Features

Coily hair is tightly-packed corkscrew curls that scrunch up and give extreme volume; tend to be finer in texture & weight; need extreme moisture to stay soft, defined and resist tangles; our coils do well with twist-outs & stretched.