Redefining The Term "GOOD HAIR" while SIMPLIFYING and ENHANCING your hair routine FOREVER!

About us

  Reimonenq Haircare was created in 2019 by Tabitha Reimonenq, with healthy hair and scalp in mind. Reimonenq Haircare is a woman-owned company that created hair care products for people with thick, curly, and course hair. As of now we have two products, a moisturizer and an oil. Smooth Criminal Hair Moisturizer, and Another Part Of Me Multi-Use Oil. These products  are made of natural ingredients and simplify the process of styling, moisturizing and nourishing your hair, making it much easier to manage. Reimonenq Haircare was created by Tabitha Reimonenq out of necessity – extremely curly hair and physical impairments due to Muscular Dystrophy. Smooth Criminal Hair Moisturizer and Another Part Of Me Multi-Use Oil was created to make it much easier to use than typical products on the market and are more cost effective.  Our products are sold through our website and social media. 

 Making natural hair care products because we been taught for years how our hair is not worthy enough to be wore out, we been taught that "good hair" is a soft, loose, curl texture, we been taught that if you wear your natural hair you're not beautiful. WELL I'M HERE TO TELL YOU THAT'S NOT TRUE. Every women is beautiful with their natural hair, actually that's when your most beautiful-est. Every women have a curl pattern some people curls are  just  more loose, so their curls are more visible.  "Good hair" starts at the roots. Anyone an Everyone who have natural hair have "good hair" trust me. 

Using Reimonenq HairCare not only will moisturize, but will keep your hair moisturize all the way till you next wash day.  All natural and quality ingredients, these products will help strengthen, define and maintain the growth of your hair


Reimonenq Haircare take pride in bring you high-quality, natural ingredients. Our focus is to get everyone back to loving their natural hair, regardless of what stage you in and type of hair you have. Our ingredients are all natural so it's safe to use on everyone in your family including your babies.

Try our products and see for yourselves, you won't be disappointed.